Student 90 Days Body Transformation Program

Boost your immunity including diet consultations and home workouts with us!

Student Transformation Program is a Fitness Transformation Plan which was created to share basic knowledge about fitness through a youtube video series.

A Plate of Balanced diet – A nutritious diet does not only accelerate your recovery but also make you immune to it in the long run. A balanced diet gives you the strength to get back to your previous life vigorously. That’s why you must ensure that your diet includes all the macro and micronutrients.

Light Workout Regime – I understand your body is not in feeling elevated in terms of energy. However, you have to incorporate some low impact workout regime in your schedule to bring your body back to your regular health standard. If you don’t try to push yourself, it will be harder to for you to continue the life you used to live before suffering from covid.

Some Memory Exercise- Do you know this virus affects your memory cells? Yes, it does. All you can do to neutralize its effect is some memory exercises with meditation and deep breathing. It will repair the damaged cells and attenuated neural connections in the brain and will strengthen its capabilities.

Why FitApes?

FitApes has arrived not only to burst myths like staying healthy is expensive or it requires lots of time, etc. It is here to spread awareness about an efficient approach towards a healthier life. We will figure out and fix the things which are stopping people from investing in their health. FitApes believes that the first thing people need to change is their attitude towards fitness. We are introducing an unconventional outlook towards health and fitness where there is a solution for every problem you face while working on your fitness goal.

Fitness Assesment

Our experts will asses your fitness level before creating a diet and workout plan for you.

Motivation and Accountability

We will keep you extremely motivated and accountable throughout your journey

Home Based Workout

You can follow our workout plan from the comfort of your home without any equipment

Diet Plan

The diet plan that we give to our clients is designed while keeping the covid recovery in mind. We try to fulfill all the deficiency in the body that covid caused.

One2One Counseling

The biggest hurdle while moving towards health goals is a lack of guidance and motivation. That’s why our experts ensure that you are not facing such issues by giving weekly counseling.

Progress Tracking

Our experts keep an eye on your progress throughout the plan. Our approach is measurable and is optimized after every few days to keep its effectiveness accelerated.

Certificate of Transformation

We will give you a certificate as proof of your dedication and consistency for succeeding in this transformation plan.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

You will also get gift cards and vouchers on completing this 90 days transformation plan successfully as a reward for your efforts.

Private Facebook Group

You will get exclusive access to our Facebook community where you can solve your queries and get the motivation to go ahead with this plan.

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Our Certified Fitness Experts & Nutritionists!

Our team of experts will help you in every step towards your goal in the best possible way. Apart from creating plans as per your convenience and budget, they will keep you motivated throughout your journey with comprehensive counseling sessions.

Ashfan Ali
Rahul Saini
Aditya Guleria

Real talk from our real customers

We have helped many people who were facing similar issues just like you. If you still doubt whether to try our plan or not, you should take a look at what our clients say about us.

“I used to wonder if I can ever achieve my fitness goal. But by consulting experts of FitApes, I just not only lost my weight but also fixed my other health issues like lack of energy and strength. FitAps focuses on the root cause like week metabolism and  hormonal imbalance, and try to fix it before working on weight.”

Aditi Guleria

“I always used to gain back the weight I lost. But this time, I shredded it once and for all. FitApes guided me by educating me about the right way which doesn’t bring you back to where you had started. It happed because of the diet plan they have given me, it fulfilled all the requirements of my body and helped me in sticking to the lifestyle changes.”

Varun Tyagi


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FitApes FunBook & Rewards!

We always appreciate our customers/clients who desperately want to change in their life and Fitness. So, FitApes appreciate those who do the transformation. This fun board is for sharing fitness enthusiast fun activities.

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We will help you in every step towards your goal in the best possible way. On top of that, the meal and workout plans are designed as per your convenience and budget. We will keep you motivated throughout your journey with thorough counseling sessions.

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