Weight loss story – This girl lost 22 kilos without excessive dieting.

Overweight people have to face countless problems in their daily life. Still, some of them give up on their fitness goal because of the hard work involved. But 25 years old Aditi Guleria decided to get back in shape despite being diagnosed with PCOD. As she was tired of the embarrassment, she had to face due to her weight. Stay tuned to know more about her inspirational journey of losing 22 kilos

  • Name: Aditi Guleria
  • Occupation: Marketing Executive
  • Age: 25 years
  • Height:5 feet 3 inches
  • Highest weight recorded: 75 kgs
  • Weight lost: 22 kgs

The duration took me to lose weight: I lost 30 kilos in one year and the rest gradually over the years

Turning point: When I came to know that my obesity was causing PCOD, it made me worried. That time I decided to get back in shape, no matter how many hurdles come in the way 

Diet Plan –

I am not following any strict diet routine but I have made many changes to my diet. For example, I completed stopped eating oily and junk food which was one of the main causes behind my weight. For breakfast, I usually take oats, milk, brown bread, granola, etc. I reduced the quantity of chapati in my meal. I excluded sugar from my diet. I also track my calorie intake on an app to ensure that I am not taking more calories than I can burn. Also, I haven’t taken any health supplement. 

Exercise Routine–

My regular exercise regime includes walking and running along with dance, cardio, and skipping. All these things help me to burn the required number of calories while boosting my metabolism level.

Lifestyle changes –

  • Said no to the junk and oily food
  • Going for a morning walk
  • Skipping dinner on a regular basis
  • Prioritized quality sleep of 8 hours
  • Keeping myself hydrated even in a busy schedule
  • Ensuring a lesser quantity of food intake by using a small plate
  • Black coffee after the workout session

How do you stay motivated –

I believe that motivation should come from inside. It is always better to manage your weight for yourself, instead of doing it to impress others. 

Fitness secrets –

When you manage to burn more calories than you take, your weight automatically goes down.

Lessons learned from my weight loss journey –

First of all, stop seeing it just as a goal and embrace the process because it is always an ongoing journey. Even after losing a few KGs, you have to stay consistent. Although the intensity can be reduced, awareness and consistency should stay at their place. A little bit of carelessness will bring back all the weight you have lost. That’s why you need to change your lifestyle once and for all so that it will be a part of your life. When your weight loss efforts are incorporated into your daily schedule, it becomes easier to manage your weight. A short-term plan for losing weight Is of no use at all. Make it a lifelong commitment!

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